Service & Processes

We strictly adhere to Software Development Life Cycle methodologies.

Why Is Lifecycle Methodology important?

We know that processes are boring, but they are very very important. If the processes aren’t followed while making a software product then we would have to firefight bugs every single day. Neither you want that as a business, nor do we as developers. Hence we follow the standards very diligently.

There are various SDLC methodologies but finding a correct one for your project heavily depends upon the desired outcomes & timelines. Some of the most used models today are Waterfall, Iterative and agile.


Waterfall is the oldest and most straightforward of the structured SDLC methodologies — finish one phase, then move on to the next. No going back. Each stage relies on information from the previous stage and has its own project plan. Waterfall is easy to understand and simple to manage.


The Iterative model is repetition incarnate. Instead of starting with fully known requirements, you implement a set of software requirements, then test, evaluate and pinpoint further requirements. A new version of the software is produced with each phase, or iteration. Rinse and repeat until the complete system is ready.


By breaking the product into cycles, the Agile model quickly delivers a working product and is considered a very realistic development approach. The model produces ongoing releases, each with small, incremental changes from the previous release. At each iteration, the product is tested.

What we do best

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Capture the requirements in depth and document in SRS.

System Designing

Designing functional and non-functional diagrams.


Using relevant technology stack to implement the project.

Verification & Testing

Testing code at various levels i.e. unit, integration & user acceptance testing.

System Deployment

Deployment on client environment and applying DevOps for smooth functioning.

System Maintenance

Maintenance and troubleshooting bugs & feature enhancements after go live.

We Design & Develop appealing softwares & web products.

To set the tone right allow us to mention that, developing beautiful websites is our bread & butter. We are dead serious about it and are here to listen to your ideas. Tell us about your project by visiting our contact us page.

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